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24 June 18

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Wheel of Fucktion

13 September 18

In case you have played big anime porn themed rpg project"The Legend of enthusiasm" then it is quite possible that Hottie is one of your favorite characters. And how she could not be when she is by all means horny demoness with nice tits and booty, taut fuckholes (demonic magic?) And never ending hunger for intercourse! If you are agree with this statement then we have a small surprise for you - in this minigame you will spend some time with Hottie while she will be fun herself in one of her favorite ways - by taking a ride to the Wheel of Fucktion! Huge lollipops and fuck sticks are going to penetrate her from all directions giving her bulges and cramming her up with buckets of cum - when Hottie had no other things to do she would most likely never get off from this wheel!